Our Team

We are lucky to have a great team of professionals who, with their experience and dedication, take on new educational challenges with enthusiasm, 
adapting to any new needs that may arise, in order to provide quality education.

The way we are

Our teaching style is characterized by on-going training, team work, incorporating new teaching methodologies and taking an active part in advances in education.  Our teachers play a key role in our educational project because, in addition to displaying professionalism and dedication, they serve as role models for the students and pass on their values.

Right from the youngest classes, we have incorporated projects that develop different social and emotional skills, multiple intelligences, creativity and team learning so that students can take a more active role and we can better adapt to their rate of learning. 

Our Values:
• Interest for each person and his or her development, through esteem, respect and caring.
• Personal integrity through independence, responsible use of freedom and a desire to continually improve.
• A job well done and carried out with initiative, effort, openness to others and a spirit of service based on sincerity, loyalty and humility.
• A climate of optimism, trust and cooperation.
High School
Coordination Department
  • Abraham Fonfria Luna
    Diversity Coordinator - Terraferma
  • Aïda Martí Aldavert
    Preeschool Coordinator

    Tutor - P5 - Arabell

  • Ana Dionis Raurell
    Deputy Coordination Training - Arabell
  • Conchita Pascual Llorente
    Family Orientation - Arabell
  • Enric Ribelles Gómez
    Primary Coordinator - Terraferma

     Tutor 2nd primary - Terraferma

  • Imma Marqués Figarola
    Primary Coordinator

    Tutor - 3rd Primary- Arabell

  • Josep Maria Espasa Molgó
    Dual Bacherol Coordinator

  • Luis Casaña Carabot
    ESO & BAT coordinator - Terraferma
    Tutor - 1st bachelor - Terraferma
  • Marta Aldea Figuera
    ESO & BAT coordinator - Arabell

    Tutor - 2nd BAT - Arabell

  • Maylos Pons Roselló
    Preschool Coordinator
Secretariat and Administration
Services Department