A week in Arabell

Last Sunday HomeToHome went all the way to Lleida to start the English week on Monday; a pro-ject which allowed the students to learn and practise English as well as understand other cultures.

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Our chosen topics this time were “We are water” for 1st of ESO; “Discovering the Mediterranean” for 2nd; “English around the world” for 3rd and “The elderly matters” for the oldest ESO group. We had to adapt some dossiers and activities during the week to improve the content for the younger and older group (1st and 4th of ESO). The girls responded perfectly, we increased the level of their topic and projects and proudly we can all say we were impressed by their performance.

What do the teachers think about this experience?

 4th ESO - Fab’s class - “The experience was absolutely incredible, loved the level of English the 4th of ESO had, they were very hard working and easy to teach. The topic was interesting for them, I was very proud of their final project. I’d like to repeat

3rd ESO - Dagmara´s class - “I really enjoyed working with my group and I was surprised at how independent they were for their age. I loved the topic.
2nd ESO - Agnieszka’s class - “Second of ESO were really hard working and well behaved, I really enjoyed working with them while developing the final project and I can say they enjoyed that part too. I think their level of English is surprisingly good for their age.

1st ESO - Kristy’s class - “I had a great experience, I was really proud of the girls’ final project and how hard they worked, I’d definitely would like to come back and teach in this school again

We would like to acknowledge the outstanding level of English the girls have for their age in comparison to the many other schools we have worked with while developing educational projects.

To finish we would like to thank the school for the warm welcome we have received, all the families hosting us were fantastic, they couldn’t be better, many thanks for inviting us to your home.  All the support offered to us whilst working in Arabell has helped to make this rewarding experience trouble-free and enjoyable.

Thank you and see you next year!


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