Funny Phonics with kids!

In Arabell we give a big importance to the English language and since the little babies are in Llar, they receive English lessons every day.

One of the biggest difference between the Catalan and Spanish language and the English language are the phonemes, which are nearly the double than in Catalan or Spanish. Because of that we start working with phonics at the age of 4.

With the help of Inky and Snake ( from Jolly Phonics methodology) every Wednesday, the kids learn the phonemes in a fun, interactive and musical way. Each sound has a song, a story and a movement which helps the students to be aware of the sound in different words and also help them with their reading skills in the near future!

Class starts with a story from Inky and Snake, which the kids love and are excited to hear about and after that the phoneme is presented together with the bits of that word and the movement. After that, it is time to play! What a better way to learn than playing? We play with fly swatters, with cups, bingo game, memory game, finding the sounds... and also doing thinking routines! The routines help us consolidate our learning and they allow us to be creative! 

Prepared for the change