Well-rounded Skills

Education can be a great driver of change for improving the world. To achieve this, education must be oriented to creating leaders 
who are truly humanistic and capable of living together with others and inspiring. 


At Institució schools we teach multilingualism effectively. Catalan, Spanish and English coexist with other languages that are studied as part of the curriculum or asextracurricular activities, such as French, German and Chinese.

The figure of native teachers and escort the student from the Nuersey stage, are also key elements to promote a solid and global learning which includes preparation for official examinations. In addition, some schools offer exchanges abroad. 


Public Speaking

Communication and public speaking make up the second part of this aspect of the Aude! project.

The conviction behind the projects that fall within this framework is that public speaking can contribute significantly to success at school and students' personal development, and also that communication skills are crucial for ensuring social cohesion.

Institució  teaches students techniques for expressing themselves correctly, both orally and in writing. For a person to produce coherent effective speeches, good oral and written expression skills are essential. An hour a week is given over to public speaking/debate in most of the schools and students take part in activities and competitions, both at the school and outside, and teachers undergo training courses in this area.

Artistic Education

The space given to art at school is more than just a space where students make craftwork to take home. Art plays an important role in education: it helps us to discover the world, encourages us to look inside ourselves and gives us a different perspective when dealing with others. As well as being a tool for personal expression and enjoyment, art can be a tool for bringing people together and generating social change. Art helps us to improve as people and as a community.

In this line, our schools carries out various initiatives and activities that facilitate the connection between schools and workshops and social. The creative processes, the generation of new ideas and the study of other references of different cultures are some of the points that work in favour of promoting a two-way approach between art and the school. 

Programming & Techonology

En un mundo cada vez más conectado y digitalizado, creemos en la necesidad de formar a nuestros alumnos en el uso de las nuevas tecnologías. Así, dentro de la asignatura de Tecnología o como actividad extraescolar,  nuestros centros imparten una aproximación a los fundamentos de la programación informática para desarrollar en los alumnos la competencia lógica, la conexión de la ciencia que estudian con los problemas de la realidad, la visión espacial, el trabajo cooperativo y el espíritu de esfuerzo y superación.

Esta iniciativa, además, está planteada como una manera de motivar a las alumnas por el mundo de la ingeniería y las ciencias exactas, asociadas tradicionalmente —por prejuicio de género— a los chicos.

Inspiring Others

With the advent of a knowledge society and the technological revolution, economic, cultural and social globalization is advancing at an ever increasing rate. Being competent in this world requires knowledge and skills, such as speaking different languages, learning to communicate in different registers and fields, interpreting and processing various types of information and know-how and appreciating other cultures and ways of doing things.

At Institució we work so that the student has the necessary tools for the development of their competencies and skills, learning to live together and to communicate with everyone through an open and positive attitude. 

Well-rounded Skills